headshot-patrick-wuPatrick Wu, Vice President

Patrick’s career began in 1998 with an apprenticeship under his uncle. Finding that he enjoyed the work, he went on to become a Journeyman Refrigeration Technician and earn his Electrical RE (refrigeration endorsement) ticket and Class A gas ticket.

As Somatic’s Vice President, Patrick is usually in the office managing field operations, sales, and business development, but as his interest in snowboarding and travel indicate, he likes to get out once in a while. So when the project calls for it (like replacing a 60-ton roof unit that could squash a VW van), he’s happy to get back into the field alongside the frontline staff. Whether he’s designing an HVAC system for a building with unique needs or identifying a problem and creating a customized solution, Patrick’s passion for top-quality workmanship and exceptional service is evident in the satisfaction of Somatic’s clients.

Patrick is a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) and RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers’ Society).